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Kathryn Dixon May 2012

You fade…
Like a bruise.

Like the ones your mouth left on my neck and shoulders with its lustful pressure.
Your teeth, which brought moments of bright pain/pleasure,
Are now bared in an artificial, animal smile.

Your lips, which parted to taste my skin like it was salvation,
Barely part now to speak to me.
You whispered my name like a prayer.
You screamed it like a curse.
You sighed it in contentment,
And now you won’t even speak it in passing.

Your hands, which half-playfully pulled my hair…
Now won’t pause to brush it from my face.

All these parts of you,
None more telling than your eyes.
Those new windows, which once let me pry…
Now have blinds drawn tight behind them,
Leaving only a pretty, shiny reflection-
A passing, glancing imitation-
Of the passion they once held
When they beheld

No color left to them but the muddy colors of
And possibly mistrust.

You fade…
Like a bruise.
Like the one you left on my mind with your brilliant conversation
And beautiful, rusty prose.
Like the many you left on my tongue…
Which now can speak nothing but trite and meaningless words,
Which now can barely remember the shapes
Of all the shimmering, liquid phrases it spoke to you
That seemed so important at the time.

You fade…
Like a bruise.
Once lover and friend,
Now barely one
And never the other again.

fade to black-
when all is sore.
fade to black,
renew the core!

st64 Nov 2013

a dragonfly settles slow on languid-fingertips..
can they smell my heart melting?
there’s a super-cracking inside this geyser
soon to crack some more

I hold a tree inside my palm
you can’t actually tell where its roots really grow
veins don’t fade easily.. just the eye won’t see it

blackest bull-dogue waits behind the silverfish-caravan
who the heck knows why it waits in saliva’d-chains
but it lurks there, in silent-rancour

one eye flicks inwards and gets inverted
licks at all the flies inside
there’s a buzzing to be felt from miles away

touch-tone insignia keeps calling and calling
screaming off its ugly provided-head
demanding eye-scales which cannot fall

black-stockinged nuns profess utter-diligence to duty
hide their want within the deep-wells of darker-veils
while rosaries are fever-fingered with reverence

keep swinging that twig under my scissored-wishes
you may just miss once
and catch my whirring ‘copter-feet

man, if you jump high enough and not fade.. away
you may never have to feel that wicked-thud of landing
one click onto the nebulae and you’re truly home

at the young boy’s feet, they lie
a host of little beings.. not breathing
that jokers cannot understand

as sang in epic-tunes of yore
better to burn out than rust
stay forever young..

reach out with seeker-arms in pin-striped shirt
yes, push mercy down upon its sweet-cheek
and sense the reek of discontent in neat patterns.. waiting to fall
no use looking at poverty crying for a way out as blood runs down its head
tell yourself it’s only paint.. meant for a well-researched lesson on another day

pick up your chair, poet.. and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn!!
while feathers fall onto the heads of sinners who sack the fading light

and mind you don’t trip on your way out
your head


S T – 4 nov 13

Stefan Smith Jan 2015

When these
fade away,
So shall i
fade with

Sarah Spang Dec 2015

All things fade
Rain washes away the deeds done
Somewhere on the earth, in the trees
On a winding path, where the fireflies
Like failing Christmas lights flicker.

Simao Mendes Jul 2014

When we get to see eachother again
Let’s talk through the night and day
Let’s make the darkness of the past fade away
You haven’t left my brain
Or my heart
Guess you are a piece of art
Can’t imagine us apart
Tons of pain
Caused by distance
Can’t forget your existance
Don’t forget my name

eliza bonnet Mar 2014

we won’t forget
we can’t forget
all that has happened

we won’t forget
we can’t forget
the days we abandoned

we won’t forget
we can’t forget
how our once bright light blackened

we won’t forget
we can’t forget
the feelings we felt, left alone, saddened

we won’t forget
we can’t forget
all that has happened

Elephant seals
gross and flabby
ignorant of protocol
ponderously scratch.

Uniformed unicorns
tame peacocks
wearing pink petticoats.

Fluted columns fade
at twilight
into the secrecy
of a passing thought.

Toy soldiers
on parade
fragile, glittering

Ashley Swamy Aug 2014

I miss those hot Saigon nights,
Where I would sleep in the wake of your ginger tea.

Now all I am left,
Is With Dublin’s rickety pier,
That provokes me to slip and slide with the rain.

And I can no longer smell your sweet ginger tea.

What will be,
Mustn’t change.
What we’ll see,
Mustn’t blind.
What we’ll say,
Mustn’t mute.
What will fly,
Mustn’t fall.
What will dance,
Mustn’t trip.
What we’ll dream,
Mustn’t fade.

-Kathia Mariana Landeros

Bailey Marie Jul 2014

Someday I will fade
Just like a photograph in one of those books you keep
A distorted memory; there but forgotten
I am nothing but a familiar echo, haunting you from the past
I still live in the moments where our eyes would meet
When we would communicate with smiles and stolen kisses
You were my future
I am your past.

theblndskr Aug 2015

soon, will fade
Only if you’re willing to wait.


Just let me fade into the background.
Allow me to sink into the wall like a wallflower.
This is the kind of invisibility I crave sometimes.

But we all know great things hardly ever come from staying in our comfort zones and it’s impossible to always be alone.